Not all classrooms have four walls

The Living Classroom Project is a not for profit organisation. 

Our Mission: To have a Living Classroom accessible to every student in Australia!

What do we do?

Each week in our Living Classrooms we learn how to ..

  • Grow food!
  • Cook delicious & nutritious meals to share
  • Compost our food scraps to nurture the soil and complete the cycle
Living Classrooms
Vegetables eaten
Happy Students


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Who are we?

Our Schools

The Living Classroom is the best….The ambassadors that were once students improve the garden and help the cooking team in lots of ways. I am so glad they came to our school and I hope they never leave.

Grow a Living Classroom at your school

Our Programs

Seeding change one garden at a time, we love to work with as many schools and groups as we can.

We have a weekly homeschool program on the Sunshine Coast.

We offer workshops & Incursions for schools.

Great team building initiatives for businesses and social groups.

Adult Permaculture workshops available.

School Holiday programs.

Our Partners & Supporters

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